Antroad – The digital crawl

The large mobile-crawl
This digital crawl requires brains. An ant is looking for its way back into the lair. But that is dangerous. Enemies, deep holes and jagged rocks are blocking the route. Players need a clear head: look, remember and find the right direction. You play the hand drawn and animated crawl on your tablet or smartphone, completely free of charge.

The index finger points the way: the player has little time to inspect the playground, the obstacles and the other lurking insects. The key is to memorize the exact path and movement.
The finger is used do draw the way from the start to the lair while everything except the ant is hidden. If the drawing of the route is finished the ant starts on its way. Now it gets exciting. Avoid collisions with obstacles, and the player has mastered the Level.

30 levels are waiting to be played. The difficulty increases constantly and more and more brains and timing is required. It is important to be fast and to remember everything correctly. Because the animals remain hidden in motion. Completing a level doesn’t automatically result in a high ranking. The maximum of five stars is the goal and offer extra incentive for motivated players to complete each round as well as possible.

All graphics are handmade and partly animated for the game. This also makes Antroad unique. Antroad is free of charge, with few commercials, and playable on IOS (coming soon) and Android devices. An identical in content, but ad-free version can be downloaded for a small fee.