Tools and applications we like and use frequently to bring our ideas and to life. From app development to ASO.

App development

To develop our apps and our upcoming software tools for app developers and publishers, we use a couple of development tools.

  • Gitlab – offers a wide set of functionalities and allows us to store and maintain our code. We intensively use the issue tracker for planning our development tasks and maintaining our product backlog.
  • Cocoon – is an Apache Cordova based cloud service which is used to build apps out of HTML5 code. This is how we create our app releases for the App Store and the PlayStore.
  • TexturePacker – we create our game’s spritesheets with this excellent tool. The spritesheets help to optimize memory usage in games.
  • Visual Studio Code – we changed our IDE to an offline editing (new)
  • Google Firebase – as development platform for our tools (new)

Graphical tools

GFor creating our artwork, we sometimes use just pen and paper and then a scanner. But if we are digital, we have some favorites.

  • Inkscape – most of our artwork is vector based. Our main and beloved tool for creating our graphics is Inkscape. A free and open source vector graphics editor
  • XnView – is an easy and fast image viewer. We often use its batch tool features to transform, resize or convert multiple images automatically
  • Flashback Recorder – To capture screens and to edit them for a release on our Youtube channel (new)
  • Movavi Video Editor for Mac – helps us to cut clips, tutorials and videos (new)


We are a distributed team and work most of the time remote. Therefore a good communication tool is a must.

  • Slack – is our main communication platform. We use it to share ideas, to keep decisions and to message

Helper tools

For different tasks we often use some small web-based applications.

  • TinyPNG – compressing images and be aware of the quality
  • Littera – creating text and font sheets for our apps. Upload your font and create image maps
  • BeFunky Collage Maker – creating nice collages for our tweets and social media activities
  • – we create our animated GIFs with this little tool and do some video resizing
  • Convert CSV – some CSVs need conversion? We use this online tool (new)

Marketing channels

There are many options and channels to market your app ideas. We mostly use the following:

Feel free to follow us somewhere 😊 or give us your feedback about the tools you know and use and would recommend for us.