App publishing

Release new apps or app updates

The process of publishing an app has many different steps.

You start with a great idea, write the concept, and at some point, you begin with the implementation. After that, you have reached the most challenging part – the marketing of your app.

The challenge

App Publishing

Before all, marketing, of course, consists of social media and other campaigns. But on the other hand, it consists of the app presentation within the stores of Apple and Google.

Both vendors have strict policies on how to present apps within their platforms.

The mission

Work on app assets and follow the guidelines

App publishers have to follow their guidelines and provide assets like titles, keywords, images, videos, and so on, following various rules.

At first, need an app icon with the correct measures—secondly, screenshots for different device resolutions and languages.

Supplement feature graphics and other specific assets.

Of course, metadata like title, subtitle, keywords, long description, and a version description need your attention as well. Don’t include the wrong speech, or brand names, or similar. Instead, add the best-fitting search terms, which you have researched before. And try to stay within the word count limits.

Repeat, localize, improve.

Later, it would be best to repeat that for all languages to get a suitable ranking in the stores. The better you do in the case of asset creation, the better the ranking.

Our app publishing support

Our service starts in the middle of this process. We offer tools to create, manage and maintain and thus essential parts of the release process. With our Release Notes Creator, you make the release notes you need.

With our App Store Manager, translate, correct, validate, and finally upload everything easily and quickly to the stores. Finally, we complete the process with our easy-to-use, user-friendly tools.


To maximize your app audience and downloads, you should regularly improve and customize your app. A good marketing strategy is to have seasonal descriptions and screenshots. In addition, your app’s keywords should be continuously reviewed and adjusted. Furthermore, your version description should not be “empty”; instead, try to use a critical message and do not forget the possibility of “promotional text” in the Apple App Store.
The critical point – we can help you with this.

App Store Manager helps you with regularly recurring tasks. For example, it enables you to translate and upload metadata (title, description, keywords) and screenshots.

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