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App Marketing consists of many options, app publishers have to choose from.

Of course, a high-quality app is a must to reach out to recurring users and to build a loyal fan base. App Marketing itself offers of course paid ads on social channels or in other apps, and of course a huge amount of options without charge.

Getting reviews for your apps and getting others to write and report about your app is a very good approach to reach out to users and to spread the word about your work. There are plenty of sources available, where you can get listed for free, or where you can address blog authors and editors to call to your attention. Mr. Review Phantastic’s list assists you in doing so.

Get reviews for your mobile apps

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– Create a press kit for your app
– Browse through the list and address the authors
– Check their offerings
– Use their contact forms or contact email addresses
– Rate the source and share your experience

Unfortunately not. You have to provide a high quality app and some good press descriptions to attract others to write about your work.

No, we are not. We don’t have any business or other relationship to the listed sites and their owners. Contacting them, ordering or submitting content is on your liability.

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