Localize to grow your app’s audience

App Store Localization and Translation is key

Localization is the key to increasing your app’s reach. Essential for gaining more downloads which increase your revenue. 

We provide you with an affordable service to localize everything you require with our tools. So if you are a small team, an indie developer, or a corporate app publisher with hundreds of apps and hundreds of employees, we have the right tools, services for you.

The challenge

Localize your apps to grow your audience

An excellent option to find new users and gain more downloads is localization. Therefore, localization is an essential part of App Store Optimization. 

The platform providers Google and Apple are active worldwide. Therefore, app publishers have the opportunity to offer their apps worldwide. 

Ideally, you translate the apps themselves into as many languages as possible. For instance, texts and labels, menus, and all other language-based components of the app.

The mission

Localize your app store presence

In addition, we recommend translating the app descriptions in the providers’ stores—the titles, short descriptions, long descriptions, keywords, screenshots, videos, etc.

Once you have achieved this, roll out the app to other markets with individual language settings.

In principle, for example, an app in English can also appear in Japan, but the best practice is to present the app to everyone in the local language.

The insider hint

Localize even more with LaunchMatic

Besides the localization of the app description and keywords, we partner up with LaunchMatic. With LaunchMatic, you can localize and translate your screenshots quickly and easily. 

Firstly, choose a template or create your own. Secondly, apply your device-specific in-app screenshots. Thirdly add your labels and get them automatically translated. Finally, validate the result and export everything.

Create with LaunchMatic & upload with the App Store Manager

Our App Store Manager will bulk-upload the exported screenshots for you in the background to the store of your choice. 

You never have to upload thousands of images manually again.

Our support for your localization and translation

We offer a localization feature that will be an inherent part of your Apple App Store and Google Play Store optimization.

Our App Store Manager’s machine and human-based translations support you in translating all your necessary data for both stores (Play Store and App Store). 

Provide your inputs, let our service do the translation (we offer two types of quality levels), and validate everything by yourself. Or – get a professional translator to perform the validation and possible adjustments for you.


Let’s focus on our goal – more app downloads. To reach this, it is essential that the app store users can find your app easily. For example, if you provide a calculator app, you can not be found in the stores in Spain because native Spanish speakers will search for the word “calculadora”.

Definitely – yes. We recommend – first provide the translations in some new markets in the store. See which market is performing well and continue to optimize there – this includes the inapp translation.

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