Use the RELEASE NOTES TRANSLATE SERVICE to automatically create all required change log information. Translate your Google Play Release Notes in up to 70 languages within seconds for your Google Play Store listings.

A couple of weeks ago we published the first part of our TRANSLATE SERVICE for app developers.
The free to use software takes an up to 500-character long app version description and creates translations automatically. Changes and validations can be applied on each translation. Use the final result when uploading a new Android app or a new update to the Play Store.
Receive a significant amount of saved time and better App Store Optimization (ASO).

  • Free to use service for app developers, publishers and marketers
  • Create Google Play Store Release notes automatically
  • All Play Store languages are supported
  • More functionality will be available soon for Apple and Android developers

Having new releases for apps up and running, including all important key words for all available fields and descriptions, is essential for a solid App Store Optimization. All keywords in as many languages as possible expand the app’s audience and potential downloads.
The RELEASE NOTES TRANSLATE SERVICE can be used online without any registration:

We have ongoing plans for our supportive services and are constantly working on new solid functions and helpful features. The next modules will provide more translation assistance for creating and automatizing store listings and are announced for spring 2018.


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