Spread your work to other countries can help to get some more reward on your projects. You can ask colleagues, friends, family, try to translate with online tools or hire some professionals to provide the translations. All of them are valid options with more or less advantages or disadvantages.

Apple allows translations on the store presence for about 28 countries, Google offers around 70.  Everything has to be applied manually, only Google offers a professional translate service, integrated in Google Play Console. You can select one or multiple languages and pay by word count.
The following two screenshots show the current integration. Decide which service you want, select the desired languages, choose the text which should be translated and see the costs before you order.

This is for sure the best solution to provide extraordinary texts to your audience. Of course you’ll need a budget on this.

We started to develop some apps ourselves and struggled in getting the desired downloads. To change this, we began to localize our apps and our app store descriptions and pictures ourselves. After a while we created some helper tools to do most of the work for us.

You can find our first tools – partly available (some in beta phase) to the public here: https://www.iwantanelephant.com/aso-tools/
And right now – for free!
Use them to translate your translations automatically (beta) or to create your release notes for your new apps releases (for Google Play Console)

Elephant translate service
how the translate service works

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