We have just started our beta test a couple of days ago.
Not everything with our ELEPHANT translate service is finished yet – but this is the nature of a beta test, isn’t it?
Read about the basic ideas behind our service here.

You can test our service with your App Store and PlayStore apps.

  • For the beta test we strictly recommend to test the service with non-productive apps
  • Our service will overwrite your store text as soon as you apply all translations
  • In case of the Google PlayStore – everything will be live without any further notice
  • Please have the store’s meta data policies in mind!
  • Your IPAs or APKs will not be affected

How to join?

  • Sign in to our newsletter for beta testers and you will receive your login:
  • Prepare your test app in the Apple App Store or Google Playstore or both
  • Create your test and/ or service account: 
Create a ne Apple ID as service account
Create a new service account for PlayStore apps
  • Create some initial text in your preferred language (you don’t have to provide everything)
    • App title
    • Subtitle
    • Keywords
    • Description
    • Promo text
    • Version description
  • After you have received your credentials log in to https://www.iwantanelephant.com/translate
  • Follow the information and wizard within our application
  • Upload your translated texts after verification automatically
  • Give us a Feedback

Once again, we are in beta status. Please use the service wisely.

Of course it will work with your productive apps. But remember – if you apply changes, your store texts will be overwritten, by the texts you have applied.

We don’t take any responsibility on lost data. If you use this service, you are ok with our privacy policy (https://www.iwantanelephant.com/privacy-policy/) .
For your remarks, errors, feedback you’d like to provide, please contact us.

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