Our app’s store listings (see them here) are localized. We have provided all store text descriptions in all available languages. Therefore the apps have a fair chance to appear in more search results worldwide. The Google Play Console offers many languages which can be set within the store listing setting. Each language can be selected and the corresponding form fields have to be filled with the matching text.

Languages within the Google Play Console
Google Play Store listing – available languages

Release notes in all languages are required

Besides providing all information (text and screenshots), this approach results in some other consequences.
Each time you update your app, release notes in all languages are required.
If you speak some of this languages or have a flexible budget, you can buy translations and create your release notes. If your budget is tight, you can use online translation services to create your release notes.
Unfortunately services like Google Translate or Deepl, if they even support all required languages, have to be operated manually for each language. This results in a lot of recurring tasks. Copy your source language, select your target language, copy the result somewhere and restart with another target selection.

Languages within the Google Play Console
76 languages for your release notes 

Create the Play Console’s format

Aggravating the release notes have to be formatted in an XML style form to be accepted. Any easy text editor can achieve this, but manual copying is required here as well. You spend additional time on this task.

Release Notes within the Google Play Console
Release notes format

Improve your release process

As we are lazy people, we have developed a service, which automates this whole process for our apps. And as we like to share, you can use our service, too.

  • Provide your source language. Some text about your cool new update and the enhancements you have made.
  • Select your target languages and correct if necessary or apply your own translations. You might speak some language and can attach your own texts. Of course they are better than machine based ones. For the others, just keep texts translated by the service.
  • Have a look on your result and if it pleases, copy and paste to your Google Play Console.
See our release notes translation in action

Have the right keywords in place

Critics? Of course translations by cloud services are not equal to human made ones. But having the right keywords in as much languages as possible? 
We believe this could push your app and increase your fan base.

Watch how our service supports our friend Fran:

Fran has an idea – she uses our service

Create your release notes in seconds

Our Release Notes Translate Service can be used without registration and is free of charge. Make it your tool of choice to support your app update process.

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