The I WANT AN ELEPHANT Export & Import Service offers app developers, app publishers and app marketeers an easy way of downloading their Apple App Store and Google Play Store app presence.
The export includes all text in all available and set languages. For Apple apps the corresponding images are included as well.

With the I WANT AN ELEPHANT Export & Import Service you get a comfortably way to access the texts and pictures of your apps in the stores. You can very easily archive versions of this data. If you provide seasonal versions of your app – what is a very good idea to generate more downloads – export your common version, change the exported text files to a Christmas version, add the Christmas pictures of your app. If finished use the import functionality to upload the Christmas version and enjoy the new downloads. When Christmas is over upload the former version and switch in a couple of minutes back to the common version of our app.

Sound good to you? See how it works:

The export is generated and send to the given email address as a standard ZIP archive. The whole package can be stored for any further needs.

Export and Import your App Store assets

If you stick to the given format, you can modify the texts offline. Provide graphic assets (app screenshots) for all set languages and both platforms (Apple and Google). Use the tool again to re-Import and upload your modified data. 
This quick and easy steps give a lot of flexibility to improve publishing workflows and App Store Optimization measures.

Use the Export & Import for:

  • Export store assets
  • Store and preserve store assets (for each version of your app)
  • Manipulate the export
  • Enhance the export
  • Re-Import the assets
  • Improve ASO
  • Use the Export & Import feature for A/B testing
  • Use the functions for seasonal apps, holidays editions or other special events

Try for free and without any registration

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