The version 0.5 of the App Store Localizer is like a guided wizard. It takes translations, manual and automatically created ones and transfers them to the app stores.
With the new Version 0.8 we introduce a different approach. While the creation of automated translations is still possible, the new focus is on app store automation. Managing your apps and their respective localizations.

All about App Store Automation

The stores require a lot of manual tasks and copy & paste. It’s all about App Store Automation.
Login, set up representations for your apps and create as much translation packages as you like. Provide your standard descriptions and keywords. Prepare special keywords or promo texts for any other characteristics for your mobile apps.
Import human based translations and configure a scheduled transferal. The App Store Localizer automates, manages and simplifies your publishing tasks.

First (video) impressions of the new App Store Localizer

Watch a preview of our App Store Localizer here and let us know what you think.

The new App Store Localizer – Preview

Some new features

  • Import human based translations
  • Import existing translations from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Create and apply automated translations
  • Maintain your translation packages
  • Schedule a time for the automated upload or transfer your translations with a click
  • Re-use your work and apply everything as often as you like
  • Store and maintain your descriptions, titles and keywords easily
  • … many others are in the backlog

When is it all coming?

We are working hard on the next release of our App Store Localizer.
Let us know what you think about our ideas and we try to add yours to one of the next versions.
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