App developers have to maintain their app store descriptions. As a result, a lot organization and manual work is required. It is difficult to have the overview over many translated texts and keywords. In other words, Excel will be your best friend.
The App Store Localizer is the efficient alternative to manage app descriptions. For instance, create app representations, use translation features and set everything up in advance.
Transfer everything with a click or schedule the best date and time for the upload.

Manage App Descriptions
Manage App Descriptions (Preview)

The all new App Store Localizer

We are currently finishing up the all new App Store Localizer. Above all, it is completely redesigned with all your feedback in mind. Better usability. Way better performance. And many, many new and awesome features.

Test your keywords

Save your descriptions and reuse them as often as you like. The App Store Localizer manages your app descriptions for the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. No more copy and paste by hand. Concentrate on app development and marketing. Test different keywords or descriptions and titles quickly for all or chosen markets. For example, prepare a set of app descriptions with corresponding keywords. Apply them and use the stores statistics to rate their outcome.

Update promo texts

Promotion texts can be updated within the Apple App Store without a new build of your app. Prepare them in advance. Use the App Store Localizer‘s schedule upload feature and bring them live easily.

Promotion texts within the App Store Localizer

Import human based translations

If you have a translation agency or service, upload all descriptions into the App Store Localizer. In addition, validate the results and transfer them as a bulk upload. Everything is done automatically for you.

No need to be a Developer

You don’t have to be a mobile developer to use the App Store Localizer. The intuitive UI allows an easy access to all required information. Therefore, the transferal, translation and modification can be achieved without a deep technical knowledge.

Manage App Descriptions today!

To sum up, the new App Store Localizer is way more than its previous version. Prepare everything in advance and transfer your descriptions within minutes.
Start managing app descriptions and optimize your app publishing process. Stay in touch and subscribe to our newsletter. We will inform you about the upcoming release date.

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