The all new App Store Localizer is ready for production!
We took your feedback to heart and completely redesigned the App Store Localizer. The layout, the user guidance and the whole infrastructure.
For more stability and a better user experience. So we can support you in your app release process even more.

The new and user friendly UI offers multiple ways to prepare your app descriptions. Configure your Android and iOS apps. Apply your app descriptions. Import, type, validate them and prepare everything for a seamless transfer. Store your descriptions in on place and allow the Localizer to manage all your app information.

Localizer preview
App Store Localizer, Translate and Transfer

The new version is out now!

Try the new version and let us know what you think.

  • Add your basic app details
  • Create app descriptions
  • Import and apply translations
  • Transfer everything with a click or schedule an automated upload
  • Re-use your descriptions and translations over and over again
  • Backup your store descriptions


App Store Localization, Translation and Transfer
App Store Localization: new Dashboard
App Store Localization, Translation and Transfer
Select your languages
App Store Localization, Translation and Transfer
Apply your changes

More features coming soon!

We are constantly implementing new features. Our top three are: 

  • Screenshot upload, translation and transfer
  • UI/ functionality to involve external translators
  • User roles and access rights to work in teams

You can vote for your favorite within the Localizer’s dashboard. Or let us know, which feature is the most important for you

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