The App Store Localizer is the new tool for developers and distributors. It improves the publishing process of mobile applications. For instance:

  • Managing of app descriptions
  • Translation of app descriptions
  • Upload and transfer of app descriptions

Since January 31st, I WANT AN ELEPHANT (UG) has been offering a new version of the App Store Localizer. This software supports mobile application development and publishing companies.

How can the App Store Localizer help you to gain more app users and app downloads

Be multilingual

Above all, internationally successful apps are multilingual. Their corresponding listings in the stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) are multilingual as well. Titles, descriptions and keywords in up to 70 languages and dialects describe and advertise the apps content and purpose.

Professional translation agencies (calculate here) and software-supported translations can be used for the translation. In any case, it remains a time-consuming activity to make the apps available online in all languages because each language has to be uploaded separately. Each field has to be filled in individually. Promoting an app accordingly, takes several hours. Therefore, use your time more effectively.

Simplify this process

To simplify this process, app developers and managers use the App Store Localizer consequently. In addition to an upload of finished translations, it offers a completely automatic translation. Finally transfer the result at the push of a button or at a scheduled time.

Grow your audience

The new and user friendly UI offers multiple ways to prepare your app descriptions. Firstly configure your Android and iOS apps. Secondly apply your app descriptions. Import, type, validate them and prepare everything for a seamless transfer. Store your descriptions in one place and allow the Localizer to manage your app information.

To sum up: use the Localizer to grow your audience worldwide and speed up your app publishing process.
In other words, the App Store Localizer optimizes your App Store Optimization (ASO) and saves a lot of your valuable working time.
The use of App Store Localizer is free of charge. Use it productively after registration.

App Store Localizer, Translate and Transfer
App Store Localizer, Translate and Transfer
App Store Localizer

Try the Localizer here

The App Store Localizer for developers and distributors is easy to use. It comes with a lot of help and will guide you through the whole process. The App Store Localizer helps to manage and transfer content for mobile apps. It increases the app publisher’s success and downloads.

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