App Store Localizer 1.0.5 is available by today.
The new release offers some minor bug fixes. It prevents issues with the transfers to both stores.
Due to the complexity of the transfer process, sometimes errors are thrown. Those errors are related to:

  • Incorrectly interpreted or made entries
  • Unsupported entries or characters in the stores

We analyzed the latest and most recurring issues and applied corrections and fixes. Sometimes errors cannot be excluded. In most of these cases, we will show better error information in case they occur. For instance, if a package name doesn’t exist, we will show you a legible and comprehensible message

In addition:

  • Android release tracks are supported by now. Choose between production, beta, alpha, internal before transferring app descriptions.  
  • The Android credentials often cause trouble, because Google’s approach seems to be unfamiliar at the beginning.
    In other words, some issues user face, are connected to wrong entries. We implemented some validations on the frontend.
    In conclusion, this will assist in configuring and transferring  the app descriptions smoothly.

The App Store Localizer 1.0.5 is available now. You can see some of the improvements in the video below. Even more: try it for free at

Short walk-through including the release track features

Localizer preview configured apps
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