The App Store Manager has been available on a license model without any charge for the last two years. App developers and app publishers from all over the world use the App Store Manager features frequently and with pleasure. Both the automated translation capabilities and the fast and intuitive upload and transfer to the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store are essential in many publishers’ daily processes.
This saves an extremely large amount of time, reduces the countless manual tasks, and allows to focus on more important and meaningful tasks.

In the month of April 2021, the usage of App Store Manager reached an encouraging peak. Over 32 million characters were translated and countless apps were deployed.

App Store Manager, continuous growth

New features

While more and more users are incorporating App Store Manager into their processes, we at I WANT AN ELEPHANT implement new features, which will be released gradually.
The most important feature is the automated upload of images, which are an elementary part of the app descriptions. Most users decide to install the app because of the visual image description. Creating the images is a time-consuming endeavor, and uploading them does not make this any easier.
With the App Store Manager, images for all common resolutions and all common languages can now be transferred automatically. This saves a lot of time and effort. In the first step we start with the upload for Android apps, Apple will follow soon.

In order to be able to further expand and offer our users a reliable service, we are introducing a new licensing model. This will take immediate effect.

Our license models

  • With a Free Plan, we invite new users to test the features of the App Store Manager extensively. The free license does not require any payment information.
  • The LaunchMatic Plan, allows users to upload their LaunchMatic generated images with a few clicks. In addition, they can test the other functions of the App Store Manager.
  • The new Basic Plan aims at publishers and developers who distribute a smaller amount of apps.
  • The Business Plan is for medium and large publishers. Companies that have specific requirements in terms of functionality, volume, and service levels. Contact us here.

Existing users are automatically assigned to the free license. An upgrade from this license is possible at any time within the App Store Manager.

  • Users who have signed up for our newsletter will receive discount codes for the Basic Plan.
  • Users who wish can also ask us directly for a personalized discount code, just use our contact form for this. Let us know, why you deserve a voucher.
Introducing new licenses


We are happy to take the App Store Manager to a new level. Above all, with the launch of our new license model, we will continue to provide reliable service in the future.
Our backlog is very well filled and we will consistently implement new ideas and improvements.
Try our service for free and choose a subscription model that fits best for you. The App Store Manager is the perfect complement for all those who deal with mobile applications.

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