The two app stores (Google Play and App Store Connect) support a variety of languages and dialects. To market an app in the best possible way, translate it completely! Not only within the app itself but also in the stores. This means that all titles, descriptions, texts, and keywords should be available in the respective local language.
Of course, this is not an insignificant effort in terms of time, but also financially. Managing App Store localizations in an easy and efficient way improves processes, and saves costs.

Translate and maintain 77 languages

After all, the Google Play Console allows 77 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu. App Store Connect 39, from Arabic to Vietnamese.
As a rule, translators are paid per word and automatic translation services per character. If you extrapolate this, a translation done by a human translator can add up to several thousand dollars.
In addition, all the effort to create and maintain the languages. After all, the texts need to be adapted and constantly improved and updated. This is also an ASO best practice.
How can you improve the individual steps? Optimized and, if necessary, also save a little budget?

Optimize with the App Store Manager

The App Store Manager offers exactly that. First, it allows you to manage all text descriptions. I.e. title, short descriptions, promo texts, long descriptions, keywords, etc. Import them from existing published apps. Or also via file imports. Which can come, for example, from other systems or service providers. In the next step, translate the missing translations, manually or automatically. For automatic translation, two options are available. The standard translation (available in regular license models) and a premium translation (for business customers and selected languages).
The next step is to check and, if necessary, correct the translation. Have you all field lengths etc. taken into account?
As the last step – the big time saver – an upload to both stores at the push of a button. No manual copy & paste, no tedious clicking around in the stores.

Manage and maintain app descriptions

How to manage App Store Localization – conclusion

A common scenario for the App Store Manger is testing your markets. Use an automatic translation for a certain country. When the downloads take hold, adjust the translation with the help of professionals. And expand even further. The App Store Manager assists you in managing, translating, and transferring/uploading metadata (including screenshots, by the way) for both stores. Save time and money, get rid of spreadsheets, scripts, and other alternatives.

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