Each new Android app release requires release notes. They contain up to 500 characters about new features and changes in the corresponding release.
The Google Play Store requires a release description for all configured languages. This can sometimes be over 70 tongues. In addition, the descriptions and languages are provided within a particular, XML-styled format.

- ማሻሻያ
- ትኋን ያስተካክላል
- አዲስ ደረጃዎች
- What's New
- መኪናዎች
- አንዳንድ ትኋኖች የተስተካከሉ ...

- Yenilənmə
- Bug düzəlişləri
- Yeni səviyyələr
- Yeni nədir
- Maşınlar
- Bəzi böglər sabitdi...

- Актуализация
- Поправки на грешки
- Нови нива
- Какво е новото
- Автомобили
- Поправени са някои грешки...

- Update
- Bug fixes
- New levels
- What's New
- Cars
- Some bugs fixed...

- Mise à jour
- Correction de bugs
- Nouveaux niveaux
- Nouveautés
- Voitures
- Quelques bugs corrigés...

- Bijwerken
- Bug fixes
- Nieuwe levels
- Wat is er nieuw?
- Auto's
- Enkele bugs verholpen...

What is the best way to create Android release notes?

Some time ago, we released our standalone Android Release Notes Creator. Quickly it became a trendy tool, and we got a lot of encouragement and good feedback from this reliable helper.
However, it is a different product branch besides our primary tool, the App Store Manager. To create synergies for our customers but also constant further development, we have integrated the Android Release Notes Creator into the App Store Manager.

Synergies and many app maintenance components

I.e., all functions of the Release Notes Creator are now here: https://appstoremanager.net.
In addition and in conjunction with the many other valuable components of the App Store Manager.
This includes the bulk upload of texts and images to both stores and the automatic translation.
Try most of the features and the release notes creation for free.

How to create Release Notes with the App Store Manager?

Log in to the App Store Manager. Create an app and a description package. Then, navigate within the package view to the “Release Notes” item.
First, select the source language of your description. I.e., the language in which you want to provide the initial description of the current version.

Release Notes Component

In the second step, enter the description in the selected source language. Then, create the description in App Store Manger at this place, or copy it to this place from another application.
The description must not exceed 500 characters.
Our tip: concentrate on the essential innovations and highlight them accordingly.

Next, select the target languages you need. The App Store Manager offers an extensive list of languages for automatic translation.

Provide a description and select target languages

Start the automatic translation for the selected languages. The translation may take a few minutes.

The formatted result is displayed in the App Store Manager. Validate it, and if the result is as desired, the result can be exported.

Release notes result

Export the result either to a text file or to the clipboard.

Copy result to clipboard
Export result to file
Google Play Console – new release

Transfer the result to the Google Play Console and publish your new release as soon as you are ready.
Essential: Languages you have not set in the Store Presence cannot be imported. Conversely, all set languages are required.


Release notes help describe new features in your app shortly and crisply. The significant new features and the right keywords are essential. Creating the release notes in the appropriate format and the required languages is time-consuming. The App Store Manager helps you make them and saves a lot of time.

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