The Google Play Console requires app icons and feature graphics in addition to a title, short description, version description, and the obligatory screenshots.

To achieve the best possible results, i.e., downloads and satisfied users, both should be appealing. But what did that mean? And does attractive mean the same thing to everyone?

No, of course, it doesn’t. Everyone has a favorite color, different styles that appeal to them, etc. These preferences are also culturally conditioned and subject to various trends.

Google Play Console allows setting app icons and features graphics individually per language. I.e., an icon in the UK may look different from its counterpart in Canada.

App icons in Google Play Console

These possibilities to optimize the app descriptions are, of course, costly, but to get the best out of the presentation of the app, of course, is a perfect step.

By the way, it is also essential to test and try out app icons and feature graphics. The Google Play Console offers A+B testing. I.e., you can test different versions (among other content) in different markets and see which characteristics lead to the best result.


In any case, for the tremendous success of an app, it is crucial to test, modify, and update icons and feature graphics. Therefore, fulfill this procedure regularly and, as described above, consider the different realities of the target markets.

All this naturally leads to the need for regular updates. I.e., ultimately, the graphics must also be updated frequently. Unfortunately, updating is a manual, time-consuming task in the Google Play Console. 

  1. Select language
  2. Upload icon by drag and drop
  3. Upload Feature graphic by drag and drop
  4. Wait a moment
  5. Select the next language
  6. Upload icon
  7. Upload Feature graphic
  8. Wait
  9. And again, from the beginning…

Updating icons and feature graphics quickly

The App Store Manager from I WANT AN ELEPHANT can shorten this process significantly. Provide your sources in an archived template and upload them to the store with one click. It’s as simple as that. 

You can also create the template automatically and fill it directly from various graphics programs—a few minutes instead of several hours.

This makes the all-important updating process quick, easy, and efficient.

Upload assets such as app icons in a bulk


Icons and feature graphics are the figureheads of apps. They play an essential role in the attractiveness of an app and, of course, in the willingness of potential users to download the app.

They both must therefore be maintained, adapted, and updated. The App Store Manager can significantly accelerate this whole process.

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