Spring cleaning is terrific because it revitalizes both the home and the mind. This also applies to underutilized apps. Maintain your app store metadata by going to the app store of your preferred device and inspecting how your app appears in terms of description, icon, and screenshots. Then, keep them up to date to avoid unpleasant surprises for users.

If you’ve ever gone through the trouble of uploading an app to the App Store, you know how much effort goes into every detail. However, once your app is live, it does not remain static indefinitely. Some changes must be made regularly; you may want to rearrange things to keep them fresh and relevant.

Outdated apps?

But what happens if you forget about your app and don’t return to it for several months? What if you lose track of all of your apps over time? You might end up with many unused or neglected apps, which isn’t suitable for anyone!

Apps are no longer displayed with outdated APIs, which prevents new users from downloading the app. The platform operators may even wholly disable or remove your outdated apps.

As a result, keep your apps up to date and check for new regulations.

Some ideas on how to update apps

Here are some tips on how you can clean up the Google Play and App Store Connect like you clean up your household:

  1. Go through all of your apps and see what needs updating or deleting.
  2. Update each one accordingly
  3. Delete any unused apps
  4. Update library and other dependencies
  5. Check for store updates and changed store policies

The following videos show how we updated an app we published a while ago. And without having applied updates since.


An early-year cleaning is a good thing!
Tidy up, clean out, and refresh your app store presence and your app!
Take advantage of the spring and bring fresh air into your App Store displays. Try something new, add new features, and do overdue app upkeep. Your user and download numbers will thank you.

Feel free to use our App Store Manager to optimize your maintenance tasks and our Android Release Notes Creator to write handy release notes.

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