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Create Android release notes!


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Review the translated release notes and apply your corrections


The output is the required, copy and paste ready format
Our Release Notes Creator translates your app’s change log and creates the Play Store Release Notes format within seconds. Copy or type the news about your latest app release into the Creator, select your languages and receive the translations.

Validate or modify the resultset and copy and paste everything easily to the Google Play Console. Be sure to have all important changes and keywords inside and reach out for new users or inform your recurring ones about your work.


Release Notes Creator


Your advantages

Save your valuable time

Creating the translations of your update is time consuming. Translates everything within seconds. No manual translation or copy and paste required.

Save money

Translating content costs around 0.07 $ per Word. The Release Notes Creator is for free and you can save your budget on other development tasks or marketing options.


Grow your app’s audience. Provide substantial update information to your app users in their respective languages. Update often, inform always.


Numbers & figures

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Translate just translates your texts. You have to copy all of your release notes for all languages by hand. This results in a lot of clicks and manual copy and paste. Furthermore you have to copy and paste everything again to the stores. The Release Notes Creator automates this for you and generates the required XML-like output format, too.

The Release Notes Creator is for the use with Google Play Store (Google Play Console).

The translations are done automatically with Google translate or Microsoft Azure. Of course they are not perfect, but you will have your important keywords in all supported languages. That’s what counts. We provide an easy-to-use UI where you can validate and correct the whole results.

We offer this service currently without any cost for you. You can check our our Translation Calculator to get an idea about the cost of human translated text.

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