Translation Calculator


Costs for an App Store translation

For localizing your App Store and Play Store listings, you can order translations directly within Google Play Console or on other platforms. How much are the costs for a translation? You can calculate them here.

Google Play allows:

  • Title: 50 characters
  • Short description: 80 characters
  • Full description: 4000 characters
  • Languages: 79 different languages or dialects

Average word lengths are:

  • English: 5.1 characters/ word
  • German: 6.2 characters/ word
  • Russian: 5.28 characters/ word


  • Google charges 0.07 $ per word
  • Other translators charge around 0.10 $ per word

The App Store Localizer chargesĀ nothing!

App Store Localization

Our App Store Localizer enables you to manage your app descriptions for your iOS and Android apps.

Provide your basic app descriptions such as titles, keywords, short or long descriptions. Upload translations or use the automatic translation feature. Transfer your validated result directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or schedule a time and date.