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App Store Localizer

Manage your app store descriptions efficient and effective. Prepare your app descriptions in advance and transfer everything easily. Use the App Store Localizer for free.

Release Notes Creator

Create your app release notes quickly. Provide the new features and get the translated format in return. The Release Notes Creator is free of charge and doesn’t require any authentication.

Export and Importer

Export your app store descriptions and store them locally or in your version repository. Re-import modified description and bring them live easily. The Export and Importer is free of charge.


Our ASO tools and services

Validate your translations before the transfer

App Store Localizer

Manage, translate and upload your app descriptions

The easy-to-use App Store Localizer manages your app descriptions and transfers them within seconds. Provide keywords, descriptions and titles, get them translated (machine based) or provide your human based translations.

Upload and transfer everything directly. Manage your app store descriptions with the App Store Localizer.

Release Notes Creator

Translate app release notes and get the required format

Providing release notes for your Android apps requires some manual tasks. Like translating, some copy and paste, creating the text format and uploading.

Use our Release Notes Creator to speed up the process. Create everything in seconds.

Release Notes Translation

Export and Importer

Create backups of your App Store descriptions. Keep, modify and upload them back easily to your app store listing. Preserve your settings, create special versions, e.g. for A / B testing or special editions. Have your promotion descriptions ready and submit them with a click.

Mr. Review Phantastic

Marketing for your apps is essential. Mr. Review Phantastic provides an online list with valuable links of app reviewers and bloggers. Browse the list and address them directly. Provide your press kit and get your apps reviewed.


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