Manage your app’s metadata easily

App Store Management with the easy-to-use App Store Manager (previously known as App Store Localizer). Automate, translate and transfer your app descriptions quickly to both major app stores. Provide your keywords, titles, and texts or receive automatically translated results. Transfer them together with the app screenshots with a click to Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Your advantages if you use the App Store Manager

Save your valuable time

Applying translations and screenshots for all available languages and copying them to the stores will take you tons of hours. Our service will achieve this in seconds and you can focus on your apps instead.

Be more visible

Users search for keywords within their native language. Providing keywords in as many languages as possible will increase your visibility worldwide.

Get more downloads

Translate, localize, and find new users for your apps across all countries. Open markets by distributing localizations of your apps and app descriptions.

Save money

Translations can be purchased easily. Even the Play console has some offerings. Of course, human translations are currently the best option. But this can blow your budget. An automatic translation is an affordable alternative.

Speed up special editions

Applying specials, season-themed editions for your apps is a perfect option to attract new users and to keep your existing user base happy. Apply your prepared descriptions and screenshots easily and quickly.

Complement your ASO

Testing different text versions and track your user’s behavior is standard ASO. Write different text versions and keywords, transfer, and upload them instantly. The App Store Manager uploads them directly without too much manual tasks.

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Five easy steps to boost your apps

The first action to use the App Store Manager is to create an app. The app represents the existing app in your AppStore or Play Console accounts. Add your basic app details.
Second, create your first app description. You can create as many descriptions as you like. One or more for any occasion. App descriptions contain all public information about your app. They are the App Store and Play Store text offerings.
Select the languages for which you like to receive automatic translations or import you already prepared translates texts.
The validation steps list all selected languages. Check them for errors and correct them if necessary. You can translate single fields automatically or apply more languages.
Whenever you are ready, transfer the validated result to the stores. Perform it manually or choose a scheduled transfer.

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App Store Localization Management

Managing your store is essential for your App Store Optimization (ASO)


Increase your audience

Having your keywords in place will spread your app’s audience and increase your downloads. The keywords in as many languages as possible widen your fan base even further and improve your impressions. App Store localization and translation are the keys!

The whole process of applying your texts requires hours. Clicking through the stores and copy & paste all descriptions to all available languages is endless.

Translations can be human-based but require professional translators. This can blow your tight budget. Calculate here!

You have to translate in over 70 languages for the Google Play Store and in over 25 languages for the Apple App Store.
This time could be used better!

Manage app descriptions

Our App Store Manager manages your app store descriptions. You provide human-based translations or use the machine-based translation feature. Add your app’s screenshots, transfer and upload everything with a click or on a scheduled basis.

Provide your base texts, titles, keywords, credentials, and translations or we translate everything for you within minutes.

Since the first release in 2018, the App Store Localizer (now App Store Manager) helped to manage and upload content for hundreds of mobile apps and increased the app publisher’s success and downloads.

Our App Store Localization Management service is easy, comes with a lot of help, and will guide you through the whole process.

Try the very new App Store Manager today!


We offer four licensing models

Free Plan

To try the App Store Manager for free, update to another plan later
2 Apps
Unlimited Descriptions
Unlimited Store transfers
Automatic Neural machine translation
300.000 Translation characters included
Unlimited JSON file translation import
Community Support
No Credit card required

Screenshot Plan

Upload app screenshots, monthly subscription
8 Apps
Unlimited Descriptions
Unlimited Store transfers
Automatic Neural machine translation
300.000 Translation characters included
10 Screenshot uploads to Google Play Store
10 Screenshot uploads to App Store Connect
Unlimited JSON file translation import
Basic Support

Basic Plan

Translate and upload, monthly subscription
20 Apps
Unlimited Descriptions
Unlimited Store transfers
Automatic Neural machine translation
1.000.000 Translation characters/ month
25 Screenshot uploads to Google Play Store
25 Screenshot Uploads to App Store Connect
Unlimited JSON file translation import
Basic Support

Business Plan

For large publishers and enterprise customers
Individual Apps
Unlimited Descriptions
Unlimited Store transfers
Automatic Neural network based translation
Individual Translations
Individual Screenshot transfers
Individual Screenshot imports
Unlimited JSON, CSV, XML, XLIFF file imports
Individual Functions
Individual Infrastructure
Individual Support


App Store Manager Screenshots

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managing apps

The app stores (Apple & Google) allow applying your texts, keywords, titles, and so on in many different languages. You navigate within the stores and have to copy and paste anything manually. The App Store Manager allows you to define complete sets of text descriptions. For example for events like Christmas or Halloween. You can modify everything, reuse, upload again, remove them, and prepare everything in advance. It takes your ready translations and uploads them with a simple click or you set an exact date and time and everything will be in the stores whenever you require it. Keep track of your app stores.

App Store Manager users

The App Store Manager is used by app marketeers, publishers, and developers. App marketing experts, technical or non-technical use the Localizer to transfer app store translations quickly.

More than Google Translate

Google Translate just translates your texts. You have to copy all of your descriptions and keywords for all languages by hand. This results in a lot of clicks and manual copy and paste. Furthermore you have to copy and paste everything again to the stores. More clicks, tons of clicks. Our App Store Localizer automates the translation and the upload for you! This safes time that you can spend on other important tasks.

App Store support

We support the Apple App Store (iTunes Connect) and the Google Play Store (Google Play Console).

Translation quality

The translations are done automatically with Google translate or Microsoft Azure. Of course they are not perfect, but you will have your important keywords in all supported languages. That’s what counts. We provide an easy-to-use UI where you can validate and correct the whole results.

Language support

We currently support almost all available languages.

For the Apple App Store we currently don’t support the following:
ca (Canada), cs (Czech), hi (Hindi), hr (Croatia), hu (Hungary), ro (Romania), sk (Slovakia), uk (Ukraine), pl (Poland), no (Norway).

For the Google Play Store we don’t support:
am (Amharic), hy-AM (Armenian), az-AZ (Azerbaijani), eu-ES (Basque), be (Belarusian), my-MM (Burmese), zh-HK (Chinese (Hong Kong)), gl-ES (Galician), ka-GE (Georgian), kn-IN (Kannada), km-KH (Khmer), ky-KG (Kyrgyz), lo-LA (Lao), mk-MK (Macedonian), ml-IN (Malayalam), mr-IN (Marathi), mn-MN (Mongolian), ne-NP (Nepali), rm (Romansh), si-LK (Sinhala), te-IN (Telugu), zu (Zulu), en-Za.

Difference to Play Console translation

That’s correct. If you can afford it, you can buy professional human translations for your texts. They currently charge 0.07$ per word. A valid option, if you have the budget. Use our calculator to check if this fits for you.

Your feedback is very welcome

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