App Store Automation

Continuous Integration, and Delivery

Of course, you could set up your CICD and provide the required resources (infrastructure, knowledge, staff…).
But you can use our solution to handle parts of the process with ease without any hassle for you.
Use our user-friendly UI to automate publishing tasks. Contact us if you require more.

Fastlane UI Process

The challenge

Fastlane a tool for tekkies

If you’re looking into automation in the app publishing process, you can not go past one tool – Fastlane.

Fastlane is a great tool to automate many steps of the development and release process for your iOS and Android apps. Nevertheless, it is challenging to have it correctly set up, regularly maintained, and updated.

The mission

Automate as much as you can

Fastlane consists of many modules, which are also not easy to integrate or customize. For instance, especially the screenshot upload brings challenges (aborts, high data volume, etc.).

Since Fastlane is a CLI (Command Line Interface) tool, you will not find an easy-to-use User Interface. In addition, most developers build up a CICD environment to use Fastlane in a separated infrastructure. Providing this yourself can sometimes be quite costly and time-consuming. 

In other words, you have to deal with the Fastlane environment actively and invest to gain an advantage from the operation.

A Fastlane User Interface

We have dealt with the operation of Fastlane infrastructures for many years. As a result, we now have a firm grasp of this and use it for parts of our offering.

For example, our App Store Manager serves as a user interface for Fastlane modules. In addition, we have reworked and re-implemented features that we have found do not work as well as they should to provide a reliable service


Fastlane is a CLI tool that needs to be installed and maintained in your environment. You can use it to automate many steps of your development and release process.
The App Store Manager is a web application with a simple user interface. Under the hood, Fastlane is partially used to automate some of our offered features.

Fastlane is updated up to four times a month. That means it is recommended to update your environment also regularly.
With the usage of the App Store Manager, you need to do one thing – nothing. We keep the App Store Manager up to date for you. If you have some further feature requests feel free to give us feedback.

No, but we are sure we can find the right subscription for you in the App Store Manager. Just contact us!

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