Grow your app’s audience

Localize and translate your app assets

Localization is vital to conquer new markets and to spread the word about your app offering.

Enter the texts like title, app description, etc., in your preferred language and use the built-in automatic translation feature to get an automatically translated result. We use a premium translation engine for the available languages with remarkable results. If the quality of the result is not sufficient, use the review feature. A native speaker will check the text to provide you with a perfect result. Finally, translate upload your app screenshots, and you are good to go.


The challenge

Translate tons of texts, words and characters

To make your app visible in all different markets, it is crucial that all texts and screenshots are available and translated into the appropriate languages. Unfortunately, this can be expensive and time-consuming using pure human-based translations. 

Automatic translation can help get the first version of your assets ready and get some keywords in place. But at a certain point, a native speaker should double-check and validate your descriptions.

The mission

Translate and localize your assets

Make your apps available in all supported countries via the national language. To clarify, all texts in all markets in English are undoubtedly the first step. But that’s all.

The time will come when a translation will be necessary. Everyone can undoubtedly organize a few languages. Either from their language skills or the development team or similar. With about 80 languages supported on Google and about 40 languages supported by Apple, it will be tight at some point. In addition to speaking a language, you also need to know possible cultures and customs. Which are also the best common words? 

Consult translators

Then human translators are needed. But, of course, they cost money. The price is per word. The stores support several thousand characters. Accordingly, a few hundred euros per language accumulate quickly. A budget, which of course, must first be available. A legitimate means is to translate automatically. But be careful; there are significant differences in quality between the different providers. The next step is to go live with this result. Should the translation result in positive effects such as more users, one can invest further and improve the descriptions accordingly. Then by native translators.

Optimize the translation process with our tools

With our service, we support the translation process of app descriptions extensively. Our partner LaunchMatic can easily translate your screenshots. 

We offer a two-step translation process and, if necessary, validation by experts with the appropriate language know-how. This procedure ensures that the proper, coordinated texts are in the stores quickly. Time savings cost savings and the best possible result.


No question, the best translations comes from native speakers. Machine translations deliver understandable results. The quality of the results depends on the translation service used. We have compared the services and use the best ones from our point of view. In addition we provide an easy-to-use user interface where you can validate and correct the whole results.

Apps are found in the stores via search in most cases. Users search in the stores in their native language. Translated texts – especially for keywords – improve the chance that your app will be found and downloaded.

Human translations are much more expensive than machine based translations.
Check the calculator for human bases translations based on the charging model for the Google Play Console:

Translation Calculator

You are able to create, maintain and upload all languages in the App Store Manager by yourself.
For machine translation we currently support mostly all languages. You will find all details here:

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