Maintain your store presence

Update and complete all app information!

Managing your app’s store presence is essential. On the one hand, it is about saving time. But, on the other hand, it is about creating the best possible assets to describe and market your app. Our App Store Manager assists you in dealing with those challenges.

The challenge

App store maintenance is a time killer

A well-maintained store presence is essential. Users are more likely to download your app than the icon, screenshots, and text appeal to them.

Many app publishers waste a lot of potentials when they create app descriptions for the first time and take them to production without giving them much thought. It is a bad practice not to change, adapt or tune at all. Or worst of all, they don’t adjust them to different markets, cultures, or cultural events.

The mission

Store maintenance is crucial

The correct icon, the best possible translation, awesome screenshots, and this all tailored to the country where the app is released. That’s how it should be. 

Translate everything to all available and supported languages, to all countries and dialects. Then, apply notable brandings or themes for the Holiday Season, Halloween, or even Summertime, among all other regional, cultural holidays or events you can think of or have heard. 

Test your content through A+B testing, examine the effect on the store visitors and improve to attract more customers.

Maintain your store presence with the App Store Manager

Use our intuitive App Store Manager to maintain App Store Connect and Google Play Console. At first, import your initial assets. Then prepare your descriptions for the targeted occasion.

Translate and polish them until you are fine. Then, you can create as many publish-ready sets as you like. If the time approaches, upload everything and go live with your appropriate keywords and screenshots. Then, roll back or apply the next set as you like and restart.


Regular changes indicate that an app is maintained. For example, updates are improving the rating and visibility in the stores. Existing users are happy about improvements like new features or bug fixes.

Our experience is that seasonal updates (i.e., Halloween edition, Christmas editions, etc.) are an excellent boost for your downloads. We recommend updating the store every 4-6 weeks or at least when you release a new app version.

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