App Store Export & Importer

App description export and import

Download store assets

Select the store and download the whole package of all app information.

Prepare offline

Validate, edit and modify your store descriptions, keywords or titles to prepare them for a quick release.

Upload store assets

The Export & Importer supports both major app stores. Upload your saved data back to the stores.

Updating your store descriptions means no backup or restore for your existing descriptions. You modify them directly within the Apple App Store or Google Play Console. The App Store Export and Importer puts you into the position of creating backup files which can be stored locally and versioned, for instance in GIT or other repositories.

The output are readable files and folders. They can be modified locally and imported back with your adoptions. Prepare your descriptions for your apps and publish them just with a few clicks. The Store Export & Importer assists you and provides an easy way to backup all important app information.


App Store Export & Importer


Your advantages

Save your valuable time

Backup and restoring your store assets is done quickly.
Just a few clicks are required instead a huge amount of manual work.

Analyze your data

Preserve your store description/ information and analyse which attract the most users. Especially useful for A+B testing or other investigations.

Optimize your process

Creating and uploading new app descriptions is time consuming. Many manual steps have to be processed. Just prepare everything offline and load it up.


Numbers & figures

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Frequently Asked Questions

We require your credentials to collect all information of your store presence and create a downloadable archive. The transfer of your credentials is securred with HTTPS. They will be kept save during the process within a closed environment. This environment (yes, it is a docker container) is deleted after the whole process. We do not store your credentials after the process is finished.

To access the Google Play Store, we require a JSON key file. Check our tutorial to see, how to create and set up this access method.

The export needs only the access level “View app information”.
The following access levels are required for the import:
– “View app information”
– “Manage production releases”
– “Manage testing track releases”
– “Edit store listing, pricing & distribution”

We recommend to create a new service account user for granting access to the Apple App Store. Watch this tutorial for further information.

For a successful import, create an export first. Use the downloaded structure and modify your data within this structure. Don’t change the structure itself.

Want to boost your apps even more?

App Store Localization

Our App Store Localizer enables you to manage your app descriptions for your iOS and Android apps.

Provide your basic app descriptions such as titles, keywords, short or long descriptions. Upload translations or use the automatic translation feature. Transfer your validated result directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or schedule a time and date.