Since our App Store Manager and Android Release Notes Creator started, we’ve been on an incredible journey with you. From delivering free services and eliminating barriers to witnessing global adoption across diverse app categories, it’s been a fantastic ride.

Creating and uploading Release Notes and metadata to Google Play Console and App Store Connect has been at your fingertips for free. Moreover, it’s been incredible to witness developers and publishers globally taking advantage of this opportunity, spanning apps across gaming, business, and essential utilities. In our unwavering commitment to innovation and enhancement, we’ve been hard at work expanding our offerings.

One notable achievement is the complete overhaul of the app screenshot upload for App Store Connect. Above all, the new approach is faster and supports more resolutions while remaining reliably functional despite challenges from the App Store API.

We’ve decided to discontinue our FREE plan. This will ensure a reliable and enriching service, allowing for features like uploading marketing URLs, in-app purchases, movies, and more. As a supplement, we are introducing a new TINY subscription. To summarize, this offering is available for a modest fee, catering specifically to Android Release Notes Creator users. This plan includes a recurring quota and character limits, ensuring seamless and continuous Release Note creation.

Excitingly, we’re offering discounted rates for all our plans. TINY, SMALL, BASIC, and Business – for annual billing, delivering added value to our users.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. Your support is priceless.

Warm Regards,
Your App Store Manager Team

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