Author: Andre


Applications we use – our favorite tools (update 2021)

It is 2021 – time for an update of our “Applications we use – our favorite tools” blog series. An overview of tools we like and use frequently (an update to our 2018, 2019, and 2020 article). These tools are essential in our development and…


Uploading app assets to Google Play and the App Store

Publishing apps consists not only of the actual program code of the app itself but also of many other materials. This includes texts, images, videos, and various additional information such as privacy policies. You can see this in the apps’ representations in the stores, in…

Google Play Console – New Managed Publishing Feature

Google has recently introduced a new feature in the Google Play Console. “Managed publishing” allows a little more control over your publishing process.Previously, changes in the Playstore always went live. Of course, after Google’s validation and checks. Now, they can be verified again beforehand. An…

New app downloads with seasonal apps

Big app publishers do it, you should adopt it as well. Get new downloads with seasonal apps. There are two strategies you should try. Apps for exactly one event Strategy number one consists of apps that are completely tailored to a holiday or a period….


Let’s create an app, quickly!

The idea was born last Thursday while running. Let’s create a Christmas fitness app, quickly. Since Christmas is just around the corner and the approvals for the App Store and the Play Store also take time, things have to happen quickly.Let it be a small…