Over the last few months, we’ve almost redeveloped our App Store Localizer. Under the hood, an extremely large amount has changed and improved. So much has changed, we renamed the whole application.

App Store Localizer becomes App Store Manager.  Register and log in at https://appstoremanager.net and also still at https://appstorelocalizer.com.   Existing customers can log in as usual with their previous access data and will find all previous configurations, apps, and app description packages. We have transferred all data accordingly.

Existing and new users will appreciate the new flexibility. Everything is tidier and app descriptions can be adjusted and changed much better. For example, new translations can be made at will. This was previously only possible to a limited extent. The App Store Manager is your service for the automatic translation and automatic transfer of app descriptions.

App description view
App Store Manager: App description view

New features:

  • Completely reworked UI Better overview for apps and packages
  • Improved usability Import and translate anytime
  • Modify and adjust description packages
  • New notification feature
  • Improved extensibility
  • Better stabilization, performance among many other features

App Store Manager benefits:

  • Time-saving: save significant time when publishing your mobile apps. In other words: eliminate manual tasks!
  • Cost-Saving: use the free features of the App Store Manager and save money. Firstly, the automatic translation feature!
  • More users and downloads: expand your markets through the localization of your app descriptions. Above all, make your apps more discoverable with local languages!
  • App Store Optimization: be more effective in applying ASO changes and best practices. For instance, update and change your app description more often!

More to come!

We will finalize and release the first screenshot transfer functions within the weeks. We teamed up with LaunchMatic to provide an easy and intuitive screenshot creation and transferal process.
Of course, we are already working on many other new functions that will save you valuable time, like transferring marketing or privacy-policy URLs.
Let us know what you think of the new version and what new features you would like to see next. 

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