App publishers have to observe many things. They certainly get to the point where they try to combine app updates and automation.
Complying with the guidelines of the platform operators. Create texts and images. And here, too, there are not only creative and artistic freedoms. Various specifications, as well as cultural differences, preferences, and trends, must be taken into account. Last but not least, the specifications and the rules of the App Store Optimization.

In addition, the content describing an app should also be frequently updated, adapted, improved or even replaced.

With the activities and the effort involved in providing these descriptive elements, it also takes a significant amount of time to manually set and maintain all content. The manual setting consists of logging into the respective store and copying countless texts to the respective places. Then, as a rule, the language is changed and the copying and pasting start all over again.

In the App Store, copying and pasting have to be repeated five times per language. For the texts alone, even more times for the images. And this for about 40 languages. At Google, it is quite similar, with a multitude of languages more. In total, the mere setting extends over hours.


Automate these steps and simplify them significantly with the App Store Manager.
After a simple registration, any number of apps can be created. Define description packages for each app. These contain the respective descriptions for an app, for example, a standard set or the descriptions for special occasions such as Christmas or Halloween.
Add description packages to the respective platform (App Store Connect and Google Play Console) at the push of a button. There is no need for complete manual copying and pasting. Eliminate unnecessary, annoying, and time-consuming navigation steps.

App updates and automation with the App Store Manager
Publishing an app

An automated translation, translates all content of a selected source language, into all available target languages. Adjust everything per language. Retranslate and adapt texts that do not fit individually. Import already created translations easily and conveniently. In this way, texts can also be taken over from professional, human translators. And this without having to use the complicated platforms of Apple and Google.


If you are looking for solutions for app updates and automation, use the App Store Manager. It essentially saves time that manual publication of an app or app descriptions would require, and ultimately also money.
Registration is available free of charge at Enterprise customers can subscribe to enhancements and tailored feature options such as customized service level agreements.
App Store Manager is the perfect service for all app publishers and can have a significant impact on both, time savings and app growth.

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