Uploading new apps, descriptions and pictures to the app stores is a real pain. It takes hours to prepare everything and to upload all manually. Texts and titles, keywords and descriptions have to be written and of course be translated. For a single app, Google provides over 70 languages. Apple about 25.

google playstore languages
Google PlayStore Languages

The stores themselves don’t provide much help or assistance. Every language has to be switched by a click, texts have to be copied one by one and pictures have to be uploaded per resolution.
If you are updating frequently or try to test new texts or keywords, you will spend multiple hours per working day just on updating your store listings.

To improve our build and marketing processes we began to implement our own tools. We started with Excel sheets to automate translations and to have a real basic and simple approach.

translate tool sheet
Our sheet approach

The sheet allowed us to add the text information and translated everything using Google tools to the required languages. This worked pretty well but of course wasn’t much help. The upload itself had to be done still by hand. It wasn’t very stable as the sheet had to handle tons of requests, too.

We felt that it would be nice to have an easy to use tool to optimize the whole process. Therefore we started to implement a cloud based solution for the complete idea.

  • Support the Apple App Store and the Google PlayStore
  • Allow to translate and to validate everything
  • And of course upload everything without further manual steps

Our Elephant Translate Service guides through all the steps and does exactly what we need. This saves us a lot of work we could invest in other ideas.
The best for you – you can try our service soon, as we are going to publish everything for all interested app developers and app marketeers. 

elephant translate service preview
Preview of the App Store Localizer

You can get more information about the whole idea here and subscribe to our newsletter for the beta test here.

What do you think about our approach? Happy to hear from you!

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