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Localize your app store descriptions, create meaningful release notes, write to app reviewers and bloggers and create exports of your store presences.

Our featured videos and tutorials

Mr. Review Phantastic lists validated app review sites and blogs for your to get your apps rated. Contact experts and gain valuable feedback and app listings.

Get reviews and backlinks for your apps

Fran is an indie developer. She uses our Release Notes Translate Service to create her Android app release descriptions within seconds.

Do it like Fran and create expressive release notes for your app updates

The App Store Localizer is the ultimate tool to update your Apple App Store and Google Play Store descriptions within minutes instead of hours. Provide your text assets and get automated translations and upload them directly with one single click.

Easily update and localize your App Store and Play Store descriptions

Have you ever created a backup of your store entries? Here is a tool for downloading and uploading all your texts: App Store Export & Import.

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